Investment Philosophy

Tenets of Investing Commitment Investment Management Overview Investment Process
  • Investment advisory services are Not FDIC insured
  • Investment advisory assets are NOT Bank guaranteed and NOT Bank deposits
  • Investment advisory assets are subject to investment risk including loss of principal

Investment Philosophy

Tenets of Investing

BTC Capital Management utilizes a highly disciplined, fundamentally based and risk aware approach in managing portfolios for our clients. Our investment philosophy is rooted in four primary tenets:

Preservation of capital during difficult markets.
We believe preserving investment value in difficult markets is equally as important as generating strong returns in rising markets.

Investment decisions based primarily on strong fundamentals.

Long-term view of the markets. We believe markets generate short-term noise that often distracts investors from making sound investment decisions. We continually filter through the distractions and focus on the longer-term opportunity present in specific portfolio holdings.

Risk-aware portfolio construction. We actively monitor portfolio risk relative to our benchmark and client objectives. Through the use of portfolio based factors, name limitations, sector weight constraints, portfolio characteristics and analytical tools, we are able to effectively balance the level of conviction surrounding an investment with the level of risk it contributes to the portfolio. This active risk budgeting provides a strong framework for the allocation of risk and return in the portfolio.

There are literally thousands of investment advisors throughout the world, each claiming to provide the best investment solutions. What sets BTC Capital Management apart from all the rest? In a single word – Commitment:

    Investment Management
  • Commitment to our clients and our clients’ success
  • Commitment to providing the highest quality & personalized investment solutions for our clients
  • Commitment to consistently deliver measurable results
  • Commitment to our trusted partnership – we know that strong meaningful relationships matter and are imperative to your success
  • Commitment to obtaining and maintaining our level of rich technical knowledge and expertise
  • Commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards
  • Commitment to our disciplines, philosophies and culture
  • Commitment to clear, thoughtful and proactive, two-way communication
  • Commitment to partnering with clients to develop an effective investment portfolio and plan
Investment Management Overview

Investment ManagementGeneral

  • Affiliate of Bankers Trust – Founded 1917
  • Nimble & Proactive Investment Decisions
  • Approximately $3 billion assets under management
  • Iowa based RIA - all investment decisions made locally
  • Strong experience & expertise in creating & managing investment solutions for institutions


  • Client-centric approach
  • Effectively interview & document investment objectives & risk tolerance
  • Analyze, define and construct a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Tailored investment solutions designed to meet your unique needs
  • Active management, monitoring and validation

Investment Approach

  • Highly disciplined
  • Fundamentally based Repeatable process
  • Risk aware:
    • Assess goals IPS analysis / development
    • Structure portfolio
    • Monitor & report
    • Review & manage
  • Active risk budgeting
  • Portfolio optimization to IPS

Investment Strategies

  • Separately managed accounts
  • Pooled investment portfolios
  • Asset allocation models
  • Growth vs. Value style orientations
  • Core enhanced with satellite strategies
  • Proprietary & non-proprietary strategies
  • Active & passive investment styles
  • Alternative asset classes

Investment Team

  • Sophisticated & seasoned
  • Industry leading analytical platform
  • 12 investment professionals
  • Supported by back office team of 85
  • 20+ years average investment experience
  • Equipped with relevant technology
  • 4 CFA’s, 3 FLMI’s, 1 CPA, 7 Advanced Degrees
Investment Process