Equity Commentary

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is.”
The title quote is from mathematics superstar, John Allen Paulos. This quote, coming from someone in a field as seemingly defined as math indicates the variability of life.

Fixed Income Commentary

Dear Mr. Powell, Please Replenish the“Punch Bowl” Again 
As the quarter ends, investors in unison are asking Chairperson Powell for one more rate cut by the Federal Reserve before year-end.

Economic and Market Overview

Tenets of Investing
At BTC Capital Management, the process used in the management and oversight of client portfolios is driven by our “Tenets of Investing.” The tenets are comprised of four overarching principles applied across all client portfolios, including:

•Preservation of Capital During Difficult Markets
•Investment Decisions Based Primarily on Strong Fundamentals
•Long-Term View of the Markets
•Risk-Aware Portfolio Construction

While these tenets can be viewed individually, they really build on each other, reflecting an investment process committed to the achievement of our clients’ goals and objectives.