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Investing in equities can be challenging even in the most stable of economic environments. BTC Capital Management works with clients to develop and actively manage equity portfolios focused on long-term results and biased toward mid to long range, avoiding the short term “noise” that oftentimes distracts many investors. Our managers focus on higher quality companies offering both attractive valuations and growth potential. Our highly disciplined approach utilizes elements of quantitative, qualitative and fundamental analytical techniques.

Fixed Income


Managing large portfolios for bank, insurance companies, trusts and large institutions requires a high level of experience and expertise. BTC Capital Management’s fixed income team combines both of these elements and represents an excellent choice for organizations seeking managers experienced in constructing and managing sophisticated fixed income strategies.

Our highly disciplined approach to fixed income investment starts with an assessment of each client’s goals, risk preferences, and expectations. From there, we execute a strategy based on the specific needs of each client. BTC Capital Management applies sophisticated technical applications to create strategic investment portfolios providing long-term, successful growth.

While many of our fixed income strategies focus on managing benchmark sensitive portfolios, we realize there are numerous clients where standard industry measures do not adequately define their investment goals and objectives. For these clients, portfolios are created specifically to meet their unique needs and to measure results in the context of their stated objectives.

Global Advisory Services

Asset Allocation
RFP/RFI Development
Private Label Communications
Unaffiliated Manager Due Diligence
Independent Investment Manager Searches
Independent Investment Manager Searches
Qualified and Non-Qualified Plan Fund Line Up Development
Qualified and Non-Qualified Plan Fund Line Up Development
Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services
Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services

BTC Capital Management’s Global Advisory Services is a collection of services highlighted by developing assets allocation strategies, selecting and monitoring active and passive external investment managers, and delivering independent analysis for a host of client needs.