Weekly Insight | December 29, 2021

Global equities were up on the week in the range of 1-2% with broad participation across market cap and region. Stocks are now in the real “Santa Claus” rally window, which is the last five trading days in December plus the first two in January.

Weekly Insight | December 15, 2021

Despite a big rebound to the end the week, equities were trying to get back lost ground. As we have noted earlier, the breadth has seen better days with the average stock significantly underperforming the S&P 500.

Five in Five | December 2021

Welcome to Five in Five, a new monthly publication from the Investment Team at BTC Capital Management. Each month we’ll share graphs around five topics that illustrate the current state of the markets, with brief commentary that can be absorbed in five minutes or less.

Weekly Insight | December 8, 2021

November was another month where the unemployment rate came in better than expected. The rate of 4.2% shows continued employment gains through 2021. The preannouncement consensus was for unemployment to go down to 4.5% from October’s 4.6%.

Weekly Insight | December 1, 2021

Equity markets took a sharp drop this week, which was kickstarted by the worst Black Friday return ever. New virus concerns didn’t help things nor did hawkish remarks from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell when testifying before the U.S.